MrBeast claims “huge” YouTube Shorts change will force TikTok’s biggest stars to jump ship

MrBeast YouTube play buttonInstagram: MrBeast

MrBeast believes many of the biggest names on TikTok today will soon abandon the platform in favor of YouTube Shorts once a new advertising revenue split comes into effect in 2023.

There’s no denying the success countless personalities have had through TikTok. From unknowns to internet celebs overnight, the rapid-fire video streaming platform has seen dozens of stars make it big over the years. However, the brand’s dominance over short-form content could soon be coming to an end, according to YouTube king MrBeast.

While even he once thought TikTok would overtake YouTube as the biggest video platform on the market, admitting as much in his appearance on the Full Send Podcast, MrBeast has changed his tune of late. As a result of some “huge strides” in recent months, the content-creating icon now firmly believes YouTube Shorts will come to dominate the space TikTok currently resides over.

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“When you get ads on Shorts now… Starting in January, [YouTube is] going to share the revenue with creators,” he explained. “Starting in January, if you get a billion views on TikTok, hypothetically, that’s like $1,000. If you get a billion views here on YouTube, that could literally make you $100,000.”

MrBeast YouTube shortsYouTube: MrBeast Shorts
MrBeast has already begun growing his presence on YouTube Shorts through a separate channel on the platform.

When this particular change rolls around, MrBeast argued it’ll be enough to drive the biggest names on TikTok over to YouTube. “Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, all these people,” he continued. “If they can just do what they’re doing but over on YouTube, they’ll make a bag off of Shorts and on top of that, it boosts their long-form content which makes even more money. You’re gonna be crazy to be a TikTok-first content creator.”

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Through engagement with short-form content, longer videos from the same creator will allegedly be promoted more frequently by the algorithm. In essence, social media celebs could look to house all of their video content on the one platform, with each form being mutually beneficial to the other.

With advertisements placed throughout, MrBeast finds it difficult to picture a future where TikTok stays ahead. “Google has been in this ad business for over a decade. The YouTube partner program has been around for over a decade. They just have a ton of experience doing it that I think TikTok is going to take quite a while to catch up.”

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MrBeast discusses YouTube Shorts over TikTok at the 58:25 mark below.

Moreover, YouTube is also supposedly set to tidy up its delivery of short-form content as well. No longer will Shorts be displayed next to longer content on YouTube channels, according to MrBeast, having “yelled at YouTube many times” to fix the “f***ing hideous” layout we see today. “Your one-hour podcast shouldn’t be next to a 30-second video,” he said.

If TikTok doesn’t also look to split a bigger chunk of its advertising revenue with creators in the near future, MrBeast believes it could spell doom for the platform. As YouTube ramps up its Shorts program, we could see many jumping over akin to how many popular streamers have been lured to the Google-backed team over Twitch in recent years.

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