More VTubers break into top streamers list as medium continues explosive growth

Hololive VTuber Hakui KoyoriYouTube: Hakui Koyori

VTubers are continuing their dominant rise on Twitch and YouTube, with five creators making up the top 10 women streamers across all platforms according to Stream Hatchet. However, the number could be even higher.

VTubing was once seen as just a fad that’d fade into obscurity after 2020’s drastic boom. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth as month after month, new VTubers continue breaking records and equalling their flesh counterparts.

In fact, it might soon reach a tipping point, especially in the female streaming community. As of Q3 2022, according to Stream Hatchet, half of the top 10 women streamers are VTubers from various different agencies.

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Usada Pekora and Sakura Miko top the list in second and third with 7 million and 5.9 million hours watched respectively. They only trail Amouranth, who had 8.6 million over the three months.

Hakui Koyori of Hololive and Yuki Chihiro of NIJISANJI made their debut appearances in the top 10 too in seventh and ninth, while VShojo star Ironmouse was the sole English VTuber on the list in eighth.

Stream Hatchet report Q3 2022 female streamersStream Hatchet
VTubers now make up half of the top 10 female streamers in the world.

However, the numbers may not be all they seem. According to VStats, Oozora Subaru’s 5.85 million hours watched, as well as Ars Almal’s 3.37 million, should qualify them for the top 10. Koyori was also reportedly missing 1.1 million hours watched, enough to push her to sixth place.

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This would move Subaru into fourth, while the list would be rounded out by Ironmouse, and Almal, putting six VTubers into the top 10.

Regardless of the exact numbers, the general trends of VTubers growing on both YouTube and Twitch show how the medium can no longer be considered a fad.