Mom sparks debate after sending son back to restaurant to increase his $10 tip

Mom sparks debate after sending son back to restaurant to increase his $10 tipTIKTOK: d.foster.president

A mom has sparked a debate on TikTok, after making her son go back to a restaurant to tip more than $10.

In a viral clip with 2.2 million views, Danielle Foster explained via text overlay that her teenage son had been out on his first date, and under-tipped on a $100 check.

“When my son goes on his first date…and goes mom the service is good,” a text overlay on the video read. “It was a $104 check and he said he tipped him a lot of money. $10.00. Yes he’s on the way back to the restaurant.”

The video begins with her calling her son into her room, before urging him to get her wallet and bring her debit card to the ATM, so that he could take out $20 and bring it to the restaurant.

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“You need to go get my wallet, you need to go get my Visa card, you need to go to the ATM, and you need to go grab $20 and drive your a** back to that restaurant, because on a $104 cheque, $10 is a sh***y tip,” she told him. “Do you understand me? Go now. I’m not asking, I’m telling.”

She continued: “Do you know that that guy might have kids? Do you know that $104, he gets taxed on it? You are to go grab my credit card, get $20 and drive it back there.”

Danielle then informed her son that she wanted to see him hand the money to the restaurant employee via FaceTime, before concluding: “You don’t know how to tip!”

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TikTok reacts to mom sending son back to tip more

The mom’s lesson to her son about tipping sparked mixed reactions, with some viewers criticizing her.

“Imagine publicly shaming your kid for likes because he left what is socially acceptable as a tip,” one TikTok user commented.

“We need to normalize not tipping. I will never tip,” another wrote. “I completely understand this whole thing… but is the yelling/screaming necessary?” a third added.

Others praised Danielle for teaching her son about the importance of tipping in the service industry.

“Good job Mama! I have talked to my kids in detail about how they better tip good when they start going out,” one said. “Great parenting! Every parent should teach this as a former server!” another shared.

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This is just the latest tipping-related moment to take off on TikTok. Earlier this month, a DoorDash driver left viewers divided after throwing a customer’s food on the floor because they didn’t leave a tip.