Mom gets ratio’d after slamming supermarket over “adult” products by counter

Alice Sjöberg
Mom hits out at supermarket for "adult" products at checkout

A mom in Australia got ratioed on Twitter after slamming her local supermarket after finding “adult” products on display at the check-out.

A topic about what is appropriate to display at the supermarket has taken Twitter by storm after a mom found what she believed were inappropriate products by the checkout counter.

Sharing a photo from her local Coles store, Aussie Twitter user Molly was shocked when she spotted some “adult” products being displayed at the checkout, which included a bottle of strawberry-flavored lubricant with some Durex and Skyn sat right next to the queue.

Taking to Twitter, Molly wrote: “@Coles you realize 6-7yo’s can read yeah? Condoms are not a good alternative to sweets. #LeaveOurKidsAlone.”

Many were on the mum’s side, agreeing that the checkout is no place for such products.

One person wrote: “Sad to see so many adults who just don’t care about a young child’s right to innocence.”

On the other hand, there were other Twitter users who disagreed with Molly’s point of view.

“Actually they are, unless you thought #AIDS was a good thing? Perhaps displaying these at the checkout will save a life,” someone wrote.

A second added: “If this is how we act now, I think I need to renounce my ‘Gen X’ status.”

Meanwhile, a third provided a reason as to why the adult products are at the counter.

“I have previously worked in a supermarket (not Coles), unfortunately, condoms and lubricants are items that are regularly stolen. That’s why they are located near the checkout,” they wrote.

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