Model sets TikTok ablaze after calling herself the “favorite mom” among local school dads

Meera Jacka
Model sets TikTok ablaze after calling herself the favorite mom among local school dads

TikTok doesn’t hold back when it comes to leaving hate comments as one creator found out. Calling herself the “favorite mom” among school dads, this OnlyFans model has been dealing with an onslaught of backlash ever since.

TikToker and model Lucy ‘littleaussiemama’ Banks regularly posts content advertising her OnlyFans account.

With over 90,000 followers on Instagram and 44,000 on TikTok, Banks has been looking to grow her following and increase subscribers’ interest in her adult content.

However, the Australian-based creator has recently been copping the heat over a TikTok in which she referred to herself as “the favorite mom amongst the school dads”.

Unimpressed with Banks’ statement, many TikTokers rushed to fill the comment section of her videos with hateful replies.

Some viewers targeted her appearance and parenting, with one commenter posting, “Me when I’m [delusional]”.

“They like your filter?” another said.

But Banks isn’t letting any of the hate stop her from creating content, clapping back and defending her videos.

Talking to The Daily Star, Banks revealed she had been hospitalized for an unrelated matter at the time of the video’s viral exposure.

“The video wasn’t meant to be serious; I’m simply a content creator aiming for views,” she told The Daily Star. “It was an incredibly distressing experience.”

“This incident highlights the pervasive issue of online bullying and the detrimental impact it can have on people’s mental well-being,” Banks concluded.

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