Mizkif shocks disabled Twitch fan with “life-changing” wheelchair van

mizkif wheelchair van donationTwitch: Mizkif / @ItzMePerseus

After nine months of redirecting his donation money, popular Twitch streamer Mizkif and his community have been able to help a small streamer purchase his own wheelchair van.

Dating back to an encounter in 2020, in which he was sifting through smaller Twitch streamers and giving away money, Mizkif ran into a streamer by the name of PerseusYo.

Intrigued by his stream, he introduced himself in PerseusYo’s chat, shocking the streamer in the process. After a set of introductions and a couple of impressive plays in Fortnite, PerseusYo gave a bit of a background on himself, touching upon his disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), describing that it degenerates his muscles and makes him grow weaker.

Compelled by his story and the interaction with him, the streamer decided to have PerseusYo on his auto host list as a way for his chat to have another place to interact in. This, later on, was supplemented by the Twitch star making the decision to redirect all of his donations to the streamer as well.

Mizkif helps streamer get his own wheelchair van

Nine months after the content creator made the decision to redirect all of his donation money, PerseusYo was able to achieve what he deemed “one of his biggest dreams come true.”

With the help of Mizkif and his community, PerseusYo was able to purchase his own wheelchair van, and, not only that, but he got to meet another popular Twitch streamer, AustinShow, who delivered the van on behalf of Mizkif.

“My life has literally been changed. I just want to say a huge thank you to @REALMizkif and his community for making one of my biggest dreams come true. Yesterday I got a super sick wheelchair van. Thank you @AustinOnTwitter for delivering it on mizkifs behalf.”

It’s not the first time Mizkif has performed kind acts such as these, as just last year, the streamer surprised a Make-A-Wish Twitch streamer by gifting him hundreds of subs.