Mizkif gathers Twitch streamers to pay tribute to Reckful on Reddit’s r/Place

Mizkif ReckfulTwitch: Mizkif

Mizkif, Will Neff, and PayMoneyWubby teamed together during a stream to pay tribute to fallen Twitch streamer Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein by creating a memorial on the viral r/place canvas. 

Twitch veteran and former esports professional ‘Reckful’ tragically took his own life on July 2, 2020, after a battle with mental health issues.

One of the things he was widely known for was a rather large stuffed duck that almost always was featured somewhere in the background of his camera frame. It became so iconic, that fans constantly created art featuring the animal.

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Mizkif, WillNeff, PayMoneyWubby, and their communities worked together to bring Reckful’s iconic animal back to life with a tribute on the viral Reddit canvas that is featured on r/place every April 1.

Streamers pay tribute to Reckful on r/place

For the last few years on April 1, the subreddit r/place has opened up a canvas for users to be able to make their own artwork. The platform allows users to make one-pixel edits every five minutes.

On April 2, Mizkif called for every Twitch streamer available to bond together and create a tribute to Reckful on the last day.

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He said: “In the final hours of r/place, which will be the most ‘war,’ we should all get together and create a giant Reckful duck.”

On February 3, they did just that. Mizkif, PayMoneyWubby, and Will Neff teamed up with their communities to create a tribute to their fallen friend one pixel at a time.

They re-created Reckfuls iconic duck with a space background, which was originally created by a fan of the creator, Liftaris, and posted onto his subreddit a year ago.

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(Click here to watch the clip below with sound)

“Boom baby, look at that! Fill out the rest boys! It’s over,” Mizkif exclaimed. “It’s complete! We did it!”

The yearly revival of r/place has been the center of content for many Twitch streamers since it came back to life — with xQc breaking his viewership record as Reddit censored his art.

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