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Mizkif defends streamers cheating on his Twitch quiz after they face backlash

Published: 30/Mar/2022 17:21

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo called out multiple contestants in his game show ‘Schooled!’ who have cheated and explained why he doesn’t believe they did it for the money.

Mizkif has brought back his quiz show ‘Schooled!’ which pits Twitch streamers against each other testing their knowledge of K-12 grade topics, like basic history and math.

The OTK co-founder has put a $50k prize on the line for the winner of the finale, and has gathered stars like Corpse Husband, T-Pain, BruceDropEmOff for the preliminary rounds.

Although Googling answers to questions is prohibited, Mizkif noticed plenty of contestants were cheating and acknowledged the backlash some of the streamers received for it, while actually defending their actions.


Mizkif-donationMizkif has over 1.9 million followers on Twitch.

Mizkif defends ‘Schooled’ cheaters

The 27-year-old streamer was live on March 29 when he pointed out exactly who has cheated on his game show in the past.

“Nicole cheated yesterday, Mia cheated. Who’s cheated on my show? Who is definitive people we know? Bruce, Mia, Kacytron, Puffy, Amouranth, Andrea, Nicole.”

Miz acknowledged that six out of the seven were women, and explained the reason he believes they cheated, especially the girl streamers.

“It’s just a stupid mistake. I do think a reason why some people come on my show and they cheat is because they don’t want people to think they’re stupid, because people perceive streamers as dumb. And that especially goes to women, a lot of times people are like ‘Oh wow, this girl, all she’s known for is her t*ts.”


He finished, “They want to prove they’re not just a girl with t*ts. They want to prove themselves.”

Mizkif also explained that he knew participants cheated, like Mia, but didn’t want to call her out in front of a massive audience.

Despite not wanting them to cheat, he understands why the bad reputation streamers have might have caused them to break the rules.