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Mini Ladd apologizes for sending “unacceptable” messages to young fans

Published: 25/Jun/2020 12:47 Updated: 25/Jun/2020 14:20

by Jacob Hale


YouTuber Craig ‘Mini Ladd’ Thompson has broken his silence and issued an apology after two woman revealed “unacceptable” messages he had sent to them, as young fans.

On June 23, two women came forward with their own stories, independent of each other, detailing a series of events in which Mini Ladd coerced them into awkward messages and sent unsolicited nudes when they were aged 16 and 17.

One statement, posted in a Twitlonger by a woman named Halley, reveals how Thompson would use his position of power over young fans to solicit nude pictures from them. The statement also says that he made them engage in sexual conversations that they were not comfortable with, with Halley herself adding that she was a minor at the time.


mini ladd victim statement
TwitLonger: WeirdGirl2364
Halley accuses Mini Ladd of attempting to solicit nudes from her when she was a minor.

Halley’s story was corroborated by another fan named Ash who, when she was 17, says that Thompson did similar things with her, saying that once they stopped talking, she realized that “someone I looked up to and admired took advantage of that to get what he wanted.”

mini ladd victim statement
TwitLonger: bulletbby
Ash realized that she was taken advantage of by Thompson.

On June 25, Thompson addressed the allegations on Twitter – admitting that they were true and that his actions were “unacceptable,” taking “full responsibility” for his inappropriate behavior.

Apologizing for his decisions to send the messages and pictures, Mini Ladd said: “I am truly and deeply sorry for what I did. I absolutely should have done what was necessary at the time, and that was seeking professional help, realizing that my actions were completely unacceptable, and working to change my behaviors from the inside out.”


He added that he will be “fully committed to working on himself” moving forward, including going to therapy and rethinking some of his life choices.

mini ladd apology
Twitter: miniladdd
Thompson apologized for his actions and committed to attending therapy to work on himself.

Thompson finished his statement by saying that he “has a long road of personal searching” ahead of him, and that he will be back when the time is right.

The two young women came forward following an outpouring of allegations against top personalities in the esports and gaming worlds, with accusations made against Destiny streamer SayNoToRage the catalyst for much of the bravery of the women coming forward.

Other top personalities such as Syndicate and HenryG have also come out to clear their names in the past few days.