Barstool reveals Addison Rae canceled on BFFs podcast over Bryce Hall episode title

Addison Rae posing in an Instagram pictureInstagram: addisonraee

After TikTok star Addison Rae decided to back out of her planned appearance on the BFFs Podcast, a Barstool producer has revealed that the title of Bryce Hall’s episode was behind the decision.

Addison Rae has been in high demand recently, now more than ever thanks to her new film ‘He’s All That’ which was released on August 27.

On September 9 she appeared in an episode of Dave Portnoy’s popular Barstool Pizza Review series where she spoke briefly about her movie and internet fame in general. However, in the episode, they brought up the fact that Addison would no longer be appearing on an episode of the popular BFFs podcast as was originally planned.

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A couple of days later, in a video uploaded to the Barstool YouTube channel, one of the producers, Karim, explained that the title of the previous week’s episode with Bryce Hall had been behind Addison’s last-minute decision. Bryce and Addison were a hugely popular couple until they broke up in March 2021.

Addison Rae hints Bryce Hall breakup interviewInstagram: Bryce Hall
The pair were known by many as ‘Braddison.’

“We decided, and by we I mean pretty much me, not gonna throw anyone else under the bus, the title was gonna be ‘Bryce Hall speaks on Addison Rae’s new relationship.'” he explained. “That’s fair, because we did bring up in the pod. Was that why he came on? No, it wasn’t. But, however, it got brought up and we needed to discuss it because that’s what the people wanna click.”

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He went on to explain: “So we publish the podcast, and within minutes, maybe seconds even, I got a call from Addison Rae’s team and she was like, ‘hey, what’s up with this title?'”

Although he went on to change the title, he said that Addison’s representative said the star still “doesn’t feel great about it.”

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However, Addison appeared to be in good spirits about it in the Pizza Review, playfully fake punching Karim when Dave pointed out who he was, calling it a “rookie mistake.”

It looks like Addison is only going to continue to get more popular as the months go on, as she’s just signed a multi-film deal with Netflix following the success of ‘He’s All That.’

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