McDonald’s customer devastated after her 400 free coffee cards become ‘worthless’

Michael Gwilliam
woman holds up 400 free mcdonalds's coffee cards

A McDonald’s customer who had collected over 400 free coffee cards was left frustrated after the chain decided to discontinue the program.

For years, McDonald’s customers have been able to fill out cards and earn a free coffee for every seven purchased, but all those cards have been rendered obsolete.

Back in 2022, McDonald’s announced its on-cup reward cards would be coming to an end in Canada, but some customers who had no idea their collected free coffees would be unusable.

Vinnie Deluca, who had collected 416 cards over the years, explained that she was baffled that she was no longer able to redeem them.

McDonald's store
McDonald’s customers are not able to redeem their free coffees anymore.

“I tried to use them and was told they were no longer accepting them and that they had expired, but there is no expiry date on them,” she told CTV. “My 416 cards worth of free coffees have zero value right now.”

Another loyal customer, Catherine Schuck, said that her 80 cards were now void and expressed frustration at the situation.

“For them to say we know you purchased 600 coffees and you have the cards, but too bad,” she said.

The chain made the change in part of its focus on the McDonald’s app and defended the decision, saying that customers were given ample warning through in-restaurant signs and other forms of communication that the free coffees had to be redeemed before December 31, 2023.

Nonetheless, some customers believe McDonald’s should honor their free coffees in some capacity, but the restaurant doesn’t have plans to convert the rewards for its app.

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