Man tries to blast airline for asking pregnant wife to clean up & the internet hits back

Anthony Bass (left), his daughters on an airplane (right)Twitter: @AnthonyBass52

A feud between United Airlines crew and baseball player Anthony Bass went viral after the man tweeted out that a flight attendant “made his pregnant wife get on her knees to pick up the popcorn mess made by his youngest daughter.”

Anthony Bass made a Tweet on April 16 where he shared his displeasure with how United Airlines treated his wife traveling with their children.

In the Tweet, he wrote: “The flight attendant @united just made my 22-week pregnant wife traveling with a 5-year-old and 2-year-old get on her hands and knees to pick up the popcorn mess by my youngest daughter. Are you kidding me?!?!”

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The pitcher immediately sparked a fierce debate among the users of Twitter as to whether the flight attendant was in the right to make a pregnant woman do such a thing.

Baseball pitcher Anthony Bass’ United Airlines tweet roasted

Some of the replies to the Tweet side with Anthony, stating that cleaning the cabin is part of the job of the staff hired by the airlines.

“I’m sure everyone here cleans up all the messes they make when they pay a private company for service. They wash the dishes when they eat out and wash the sheets at hotels. United made $737 million in profits last year but can’t hire a cleaning crew like every other business,” asked one user.

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Some of the other replies point out that it’s a responsibility of a parent to clean up after their children and that the request of the attendant was justified.

“Genuinely curious who should clean up the mess your 2-year-old made? As a parent of three kids, I am the one responsible for them,” wrote another user.

Another yet sub-set of reactions to this Tweet was users asking if Anthony helped his pregnant wife clean up. “You watched your pregnant wife do this,” asked one of the replies.

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According to a follow-up Tweet from April 17, United Airlines reached out to Anthony privately and they are currently “taking care of matters with the flight attendant internally.”

Earlier this year another story from an airplane cabin went viral when a video surfaced showing a flight attendant being harassed by drunk soccer fans.

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