Flight attendant harassed by drunk soccer fans in shocking video

Flight attendant harassed by drunk sports fansKennedy News and Media

A young Ryanair air hostess left viewers shocked after posting a TikTok video of the moment she was harassed by drunk soccer fans during a flight.

Chloe Harrison was working the 2-hour 20-minute flight from Manchester, England to Barcelona, Spain, which was full of Manchester United supporters.

The drunk men reportedly turned rowdy after alcohol was sold out, and they loudly began shouting crude chants about the flight attendant as she walked up and down the aisle.

Chloe told Kennedy News that the men chanted “Get your t*ts out” and “Chloe’s got a nice arse.” One passenger even asked if she wanted to join him in the bathroom.

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“I walked to the back of the plane and looked and it was just full of men,” she recalled.

“About halfway through the journey, I was walking down the aisles with a rubbish bag and I could hear something. I looked up and they were all looking at me. I was thinking, ‘Why are they all looking at me while they’re chanting?’

Flight attendant harassed by drunk sports fansKennedy News and Media

“We sold out of all the beer and all the vodka, they were all really drunk,” she told Kennedy News. “They kept asking for more drinks and coming up to the front. There’s nothing you can do in that situation, if they’re all standing up, you just have to tell them to sit down.”

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After the plane landed, Chloe said many of the rowdy fans continued to accost her.

“They were all trying to leave through the back and ask for my Instagram and I kept telling them I don’t have it,” she said. “They were saying, ‘I’ll never forget you.'”

The flight attendant recorded some of the men’s antics and posted them on TikTok, where many viewers were disturbed by what they saw.

However, despite most people suggesting the men’s behavior was wrong, Chloe said it didn’t bother her as it was mostly “harmless” fun.

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