Man goes viral after capturing runaway cow on Michigan interstate

Dylan Horetski
man who roped cow on highway

A man has gone viral across social media after he captured a runaway cow roaming around i75 in Michigan.

There are highways and interstates all across the US that enter more rural areas of the country, which means it’s not uncommon for them to be near a farm.

It’s also not uncommon for one of those farm animals to come loose, as a man in Michigan cow-wrangler recently learned.

He was called in to help catch a runaway cow roaming around a Michigan Interstate, and clips of it quickly went viral on social media.

Man catches runaway cow on i75 in Michigan

On May 22, 2023, Michigan police were alerted to a runaway cow alongside Interstate 75 that had just escaped from a nearby pasture.

The cow was quickly captured by a local cow wrangler, but the clip of him doing so went viral across social media shortly after.

Local news station WXYZ Detroit shared an interview with the man behind the capture, whose name is Ricky Littlejohn.

A TikTok video posted by Charles Gray has been viewed nearly 700,000 times and shows the cow crossing over two lanes of traffic before being caught.

Users also flooded the comments with their thoughts on the situation.

“You know that cowboy is living the dream right there,” one user replied.

Another viewer commented: “Don’t see that in Michigan every day.”

“I just assumed this was the south and then slowly realized it’s Michigan,” said a third TikToker.

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