Doctor explains dangers of TikTok’s melatonin gummy misuse

Virginia Glaze
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General surgeon and YouTuber Dr. Karan is issuing a warning after some TikTokers have seemingly abused the dosing instructions for melatonin gummy supplements.

TikTok is home to a slew of viral fads and trends — but some of these crazes can be far more dangerous than others.

Over the past few years, several questionable challenges have cropped up on the app. Trends like ‘Nyquil Chicken’ sparked international concern from healthcare professionals, who urged users not to douse their chicken breasts in Nyquil with the aim of making ‘sleepy chicken.’

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Now, another trend has emerged on the app… One that’s causing an NHS surgeon to speak out online. Slumber Sleep Aid
Melatonin gummies are a popular way for many people to fall asleep quickly – but doctors are warning against misusing them.

Melatonin seems to be a popular topic on TikTok. The hashtag alone boasts over 1 billion views on the app, while other phrases like “Melatonin Challenge” have garnered over 150,000 curious eyes.

Many users have recorded their experiences with melatonin gummies, with some taking things a bit too far — such as one user who claimed they would use ten 10 mg gummies and see what happens.

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Dr. Karan, a social media-famous doctor and general surgeon, spoke out about the misuse of melatonin in a YouTube Shorts clip and why melatonin might not be the cure-all sleep aid that everyone thinks it is.

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“This might be the single most important thing you need to hear about melatonin,” he began.

“The more you’re awake and active, the more a chemical called adenosine builds up in your body, making you feel tired. This is often referred to as sleep pressure, or [sleep] drive. When you sleep, the adenosine levels decrease, making you feel alert and awake the next day.”

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“Melatonin supplements have the potential to artificially reset the amount of adenosine in your body, thereby exaggerating insomnia issues. This is because the external melatonin can disrupt the delicate balance between adenosine and melatonin needed to regulate sleep.”

So, what’s Dr. Karan’s advice for getting a good night’s sleep? ” Keep your room cool, get darkness in the evening, and get a sleep schedule.”

While Dr. Karan claimed melatonin supplements might help re-regulate the timing of one’s sleeping patterns, it could also do more harm than good — and since melatonin supplements aren’t regulated in many countries, you “might not get what you’re paying for.”

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This is just the latest TikTok trend to get attention from the medical community after health experts warned against using beef tallow as a part of one’s skincare regime.

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