Hilarious Ludwig fail shows why Twitch stars should think twice about stream-hopping

Ludwig QTCinderella Birthday GiftTwitch: Ludwig

Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren accidentally spoiled QTCinderella’s surprise birthday gift when he tuned into her stream right when she happened to be shopping for it and discussing it with her fans.

Ludwig and QTCinderella collaborated several times on Twitch before finally meeting in 2019. It was obvious they had chemistry right out of the gate. One thing led to another, and they went on to form a relationship, and the rest is history.

They’ve produced some hilarious and memorable moments in their time together. However, it’s hard to top a recent incident where Ludwig accidentally spoiled the surprise birthday gift she was planning for him.

QTCinderella was looking for a gift to get him for his birthday live on stream with a little help from her fans.

But unfortunately for her, Ludwig happened to tune into her stream when it couldn’t be more obvious what she was doing. It didn’t take him long to realize what was going on, and he quickly left. But the damage was done.

After some viewers told her what had happened, QTCinderella called Ludwig to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

“What’s wrong with you? Why did you do that?” she said.

“Why did I do what?” replied Ludwig, playing it cool.

“I’m just casually shopping for your birthday present for tomorrow with my chat, and you just have to come and click on my stream,” she said. “Don’t pretend like you didn’t already see it.”

Ludwig hilariously denied it, claiming he didn’t even know she went live and didn’t come into her channel to see what she was doing.

But QTCinderella wasn’t having a bar of it. She pressed the matter and asked him why there were clips of it actually happening plastered all over the internet. All he could do was muster a dumbfounded expression.

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The hilarious mishap and the awkward conversation that happened after was a nice insight into their relationship and the thoughtfulness that goes into it, especially when it comes to something important like a birthday present.
However, Ludwig’s oafishness and bad attempts at lying made it a memorable moment that their fans will remember for a long time.