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Ludwig slams “creepy” Twitch viewers shipping xQc & Pokimane

Published: 4/Jun/2021 21:23

by Brent Koepp


Popular Twitch star Ludwig Ahgren called out Twitch viewers for trying to push Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Imane ‘Poikimane’ Anys into a relationship. The Smash pro called out the toxic behavior from viewers.

After visiting Ludwig’s Twitch couples stream in May 2021, viewers have taken a viral moment of xQc praising Pokimane as the most attractive person on the platform and blown it up with shipping memes.

Ahgren claims the jokes have gone too far and slammed the bizarre posts in a rant during his live broadcast. The 25-year-old explained that some fans’ weird behavior is why Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ wouldn’t play with female gamers in 2018.


Twitch streamer Ludwig reacts to Pokimane clip
Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig explained why he isn’t a fan of Twitch viewers shipping streamers.

Ludwig calls out Twitch viewers shipping Pokimane and xQc

Ninja came under fire from critics in 2018 when he announced that he would not be playing with female streamers due to fans unhealthily trying to ship anyone that he collaborated with. During his June 4 stream, Ludwig says the Fortnite star might have been on to something due to viewers recently trying to pair up xQc and Pokimane.

“Exactly how you guys are acting right now. Twitch chat, you are being the reason, and LSF you are being the reason why Ninja says s**t back in the day like “I don’t play with women, because any relationship with a woman, as a man, is automatically shipped.” Ahgren added, “This is literally OTV levels of shipping right now with this whole Poki and xQc thing.”


Ludwig then explained why he felt the situation had gotten out of control. “He was deadass asked who he thought was the most attractive streamer that is NOT your partner, and he didn’t do a meme answer, he answered something he thought his partner would guess. And now there is this weird back and forth where viewers are clipping reactions, and almost baiting shipping between them.”

The popular Twitch streamer then shot down the excuse that fans are only having fun with jokes. “It can be a joke, but at what point is it NOT a joke? This is the sixth f**king clip about it. Are we still joking? Should I have laughed after watching that clip? It seemed like Poki was just genuinely excited to play Valorant with xQc.”


Over on forums like Reddit, viewers had clipped Pokimane reacting to xQc’s viral answer. And then even made videos about Lengyel reacting to her reaction. According to Ahgren, while funny at first, the behavior is starting to cross a line into uncomfortable territory.