Ludwig roasts streamers for doing the ‘Luddy’ wrong

Ludwig luddyYouTube: Ludwig

Ludwig recently shared a TikTok video that features footage of other popular streamers doing his Luddy dance incorrectly.

The YouTube star’s dance gained popularity several weeks ago during TwitchCon, after a video of him performing the move went viral online.

Many people were quick to get their laughs in, yet it didn’t take long for the move to more or less become an internet sensation.

Despite its newness to the outside world, Ludwig recently revealed that he and a friend actually created the Luddy several years ago when they were theater kids in high school.

While attending the wedding of fellow streamers Abe and Wendy, Ludwig convinced multiple people to try performing the dance on camera.

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Naturally, the content creator turned said video into a TikTok that later went viral online with nearly seven million views.

A recent TikTok-focused YouTube video features the streamer reacting to the various Luddy attempts, many of which he hilariously roasted.

Valkyrae’s performance of the dance received a 9.9 out of 10 from Ludwig, for example. He rated Abe’s attempt a 9 out of 10. Others were not so lucky.

Wendy only scored a 1, because she “sucked.” YouTuber Janet Rose Xu, aka xChocoBars, didn’t get a rating at all. When her part of the clip popped up, Ludwig asked the chat, “what the f–k is Janet doing?” At the very least, it’s clear she wasn’t doing the Luddy.

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A little later in the video, Ludwig noted that content creator Brodin deserves an 8 out of 10.

Despite doing the dance wrong by going “heels down moving the toes, instead of being toes down moving the heels,” the Luddy creator argues it still “looks kinda cool.”