Ludwig reveals home damage allegedly caused by police during swatting incident

Emma Hill
Ludwig speaking on YouTube as well as showing the supposed damage to his home after it was swatted by police

YouTuber Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren showed the horrific mess in his home after an LA police dept officer supposedly fell through his ceiling while he was being swatted.

Swatting is becoming an increasing worry among the creator community as more and more streamers have had their homes raided by armed police during their livestreams. The incidents typically follow hoax calls, often alleging there is a hostage situation or other emergency at a streamer’s address.

Ludwig was just one of the latest victims on August 29. The popular YouTuber was in the middle of a live chess tournament when SWAT police raided his home which he shares with his partner QTCinderella and some of his fellow The Yard podcasters.

During their latest podcast, the group discussed the incident and claimed “rude” police officers even caused damage to their home.

Ludwig claims SWAT police fell through his ceiling

On September 1, The Yard hosted a podcast detailing what happened during the swatting incident. Falco also shared an image and a video showing the carnage supposedly left by the officers.

In the clip, a large hole can be seen in the roof above their staircase as well as a litter of installation all over their floor.

Ludwig then explained that, while he was supposedly in the back of a police car, he was approached by officers asking him to fill out a form to claim damages because they “fell though the ceiling.”

(Topic begins in the video at 14:00)

Ludwig added that the police were doing a “thorough” search of their attic when they panicked after seeing an inanimate object in the space.

Having experienced multiple swatting incidents throughout their careers, the group added that they had made the police aware any such incidents could be a hoax. However, they supposedly “escalate the situation” each time and how they should be called before any such raids to avoid it happening again.

Luckily, no one was hurt during the incident. However, with swatting becoming an ever-increasing problem, many streamers still fear for their safety.

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