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YouTube responds to Ludwig after shock ban for “child safety”

Published: 15/Jun/2021 13:24 Updated: 15/Jun/2021 13:26

by Brad Norton


Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has received a response from YouTube, after he was handed a one week ban from uploading due to one of his videos being flagged for child safety.

Despite his immense success on Twitch, Ludwig appears to have very little luck elsewhere on social media. The popular streamer was banned on Instagram last week, now followed by a YouTube ban.

After consistent daily uploads for the past two years, Ludwig’s streak is coming to a surprise end as a result of a ban that came through while he was broadcasting. “Hold up boys… What the f***,” he said upon noticing the ban details in his inbox.


His YouTube channel, closing in on two million subscribers, is now banned. He confirmed, “I just got a community strike on my last ‘You Laugh You Lose’ video.”

Ludwig says he'll never do subathon again
Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig had managed to upload a YouTube video for 618 days in a row before his shock ban.

“They just took [the June 15 video] down. I can’t upload a video for a week. My streak’s gonna die because of a…” Ludwig yelled before trailing off.

As for the reason behind this sudden strike, YouTube informed him it was related to “child safety.” Unfortunately, Ludwig wasn’t quite able to pinpoint the specific clip that resulted in the ban. “What was in the video?” he asked frantically.

“This sucks actually. I wonder what it was.”


Ultimately, this shock ban marks the end of his massive upload streak on the platform. For 618 days running, Ludwig released at least one video on his channel. This will now be the “first time” he’s unable to upload in “almost two years.”

Why was Ludwig’s YouTube channel banned?

After pondering for a few minutes, viewers in chat suggested one clip in particular that might have led to the punishment. Throughout his latest video, Ludwig reacted to a brief clip of a monkey throwing its poop at a child.

However, Ludwig fired back at this idea, highlighting how the original clip is still on YouTube. “That doesn’t make sense,” he said.


“The video is on YouTube. If my video got taken down, but the [original] video has 10x my views… Every single clip is a reaction to a clip on YouTube.”

YouTube reinstates Ludwig video

After the streamer highlighted the issue on Twitter, YouTube’s help team responded and said they would look into the situation.

After a few hours, they confirmed his video had been reinstated, but with an age restriction. They also confirmed that his ban from uploading had been lifted.

But, Ludwig has already taken action to prevent losing his upload streak – by reposting a short clip from over three years ago.


He said: “This video was uploaded three years ago and I’m posting it in hopes of somehow keeping my streak. This might, however, be the end of the 618 days of uploading a video every day. Thank you for watching any of the videos whether it was 1 or all of them. I appreciate you and hopefully I get unbanned soon so I can keep doing what I love.”