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Ludwig catches Pokimane subtweeting him and has perfect reply

Published: 5/May/2022 20:07

by Lawrence Scotti


YouTube star Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren responded to streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys after he thought she subtweeted him with, delivering a hilarious retort.

Ludwig and Pokimane have long been friends through their connection as popular streamers.

The pair even starred in one of the biggest memes in recent memory, born from an OTK video back in 2021 where they dressed up formal for court.

Now, Lud has gone viral for his response to what he believed was Pokimane subtweeting him.

Ludwig Mogul Money
YouTube: Mogul Mail
Ludwig has over 2.9 million subscribers on YouTube.

Ludwig’s response to Pokimane subtweet

The 26-year-old YouTube was live on April 29 when he read Pokimane’s most recent tweet aloud.

“Okay, what the f**k, am I getting subtweeted by Pokimane now?” Ludwig pulled up the tweet which read, “Serious question, why do guys take so long to poop.”


He took the tweet personally and offered a thought-out response to Poki, “Pooping is the only time we get to collect our thoughts and be vulnerable… and my phone is also very entertaining.”

Ludwig claimed he’s at his “most vulnerable he’s ever been” when on the toilet.

Ahgren’s response garnered tons of attention on Twitter, mainly of fellow guys echoing his feelings.

Fellow streamer Aria Saki backed up Ludwig’s response and said, “Bro.. toilet thoughts > shower thoughts.”

Clearly, Ludwig takes his toilet time extremely seriously, as any good man should.