Josh Richards opens up on Barrett-Hossler split on BFFS podcast

YouTube: BFFS podcast

Josh Richard, the former partner of Nessa Barrett, has opened up on the BFFS podcast about her recent split with Jaden Hossler. The TikTok star looked back on their own ending, while poking some fun at himself.

BFFS — the podcast between Josh Richards, Dave Portnoy and Brianna LaPaglia — re-trod old ground with the news of Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett’s breakup.

The two TikTok stars have had a highly public entanglement and subsequent split drawing attention and criticism around the reality of the relationship.

It started out with headlines after Nessa switched out one J for another, dropping Josh and picking up Jaden. The friendship that was brewing between the two brotherly TikTok stars was dashed.

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In the year since then, relationship drama has consumed many of the stars involved as they’ve attempted to build careers outside of  TikTok.

Following the breakup, Brianna brought up speculation around the couple’s legitimacy, saying: “People are speculating now too that they were just together for a publicity stunt to like help grow their music and they just broke up when they blew up.”

Referencing the messy crumbling of the relationship between Richards and Barrett, which occurred entirely in the public eye with friends being exchanged for lovers, Richards poked light fun at himself.

“Well I got the short end of the stick there,” he joked.

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The podcast hosts continued while doubting the idea the relationship had been fabricated.

After an extensive discussion, Dave Portnoy sprinkled spice into the conversation throwing the idea of bringing Nessa Barrett onto the podcast as a guest at some point.

Responding with a poker face on, Richards commented “I mean like maybe if we had to do it.” But then the facade came down.

“I think there’s not a f**king chance in hell.”