Love Is Blind’s Marshall Glaze issues apology for past controversial tweets

Marshall Glaze from Love Is BlindInstagram: @marshallglaze, @loveisblindnetflix

Old tweets from Love Is Blind’s Marshall Glaze were just exposed and fans are not happy.

Marshall Glaze was one of the fan-favorite contestants in Season 4 of Love Is Blind. Even though he didn’t find true love on the show, he did gain a large following on social media across all platforms.

But, in light of past tweets that were recently exposed, his fanbase is now questioning if he hasn’t been showing his true colors this whole time.

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Did Marshall from Love Is Blind post offensive tweets?

Fans were outraged to see resurfaced tweets from Marshall, specifically being offensive toward Black women.

Because the tweets were made back in 2011, Love Is Blind viewers are upset that it took him this long to address his past comments. In fact, some are now taking back the empathy they had for Marshall after his ex-fiance Jackie Bonds left him for Josh Demas.

Yesterday, he returned to Twitter to post a formal apology for his past tweets and asked his fans to forgive him. The post included a video of him apologizing to specific members of his family. It has nearly half a million views.

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He wrote, “I take full accountability for those tweets I sent years ago. I apologize. I pray for forgiveness so that we all can move forward as a unit in a world that is determined to divide us.”

Before posting the apology, he said that he wasn’t going to post one in the first place in an effort for his actions to do the talking.

None of the Season 4 Love Is Blind cast have publicly responded to Marshall’s backlash. To stay updated on all things Love Is Blind and the upcoming seasons, make sure to check our page here.

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