Love Is Blind’s Jackie responds to the Marshall breakup drama

Marshall and Jackie from Love Is BlindYouTube: Netflix, Love Is Blind

Just when the drama seemed to be going away, Jackie from Love Is Blind has something to say about the Marshall breakup.

One of the biggest surprises during Season 4 of Love Is Blind revolved around the love triangle between Jackie, Marshall, and Josh.

Jackie and Marshall were one of the last-remaining engaged couples of the season, but fans recently got to see how their breakup unfolded in an unexpected way. Warning: Contains spoilers for episodes 10-11 of Love Is Blind Season 4.

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While Marshall was trying on his tux for their wedding ceremony, Jackie was filmed on a date with Josh. But it wasn’t until after she kissed Josh that she called off her engagement with Marshall, leaving fans devastated. A few days ago, Jackie went to social media to address their messy breakup.

What did Love Is Blind’s Jackie say about the Marshall breakup?

With a public post on Instagram, Jackie is setting the record straight on what really happened between her and Marshall.

According to Jackie, the couple broke up before she even went out with Josh, but the show presented scenes in the wrong order, misrepresenting the sequence of events. She points out that her hair and clothes are different on the date with Josh than they were on the day that Marshall went to try on his tux.

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Jackie then confirmed that the crew behind the show are the people who pay for the engagement rings, which explains why she didn’t give her ring back to Marshall when he asked for it back.

Now, it seems as though Jackie and Josh are in a relationship after fans recently spotted them out together.

Marshall has not responded to Jackie’s claims. But, because the upcoming reunion is live, their relationship will most likely be addressed.

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