Logan Paul reveals Prime Hydration will have a Super Bowl commercial

Logan Paul YouTubeYouTube: Logan Paul

Logan Paul has revealed that Prime Hydration will have a Super Bowl commercial this year, making him and KSI the first YouTubers to advertise during the event.

First launched on January 4, 2022, KSI and Logan Paul have taken the world by storm with their sports drink and energy drink company: Prime Hydration.

Between it being sold for absurd prices in the UK, and them already entering NASCAR as a sponsor, it’s safe to say they’ve had a pretty successful launch.

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Now, Logan Paul has revealed they’ve secured a spot during the 2023 Super Bowl to advertise Prime Hydration in its very own commercial.

Logan Paul reveals Prime Hydration Super Bowl commercial

During his vlog on January 21, Logan revealed “breaking news” that Prime has secured a Super Bowl commercial.

“Also some breaking news, Prime will be getting its own Super Bowl commercial. Holy sh*t. The first ever YouTuber Super Bowl commercial for a product that KSI and I created,” he said. “Actually f*cking insane.”

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Throughout the years, Super Bowl commercials have become one of the premier spots for companies to promote their product with the event being the most-watched game of the football season.

It even attracts people who don’t normally follow the sport but instead want to check out the infamous half-time show and various commercials that air during it.

If you miss the upcoming Prime commercial during its premiere, don’t sweat it. Being that Logan and KSI are both YouTubers, it’s likely it’ll find its way onto one of their channels sooner than later.

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