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Logan Paul issues warning to TikTok stars like Dixie and Charli D’Amelio

Published: 29/Feb/2020 14:29

by Connor Bennett


Logan Paul has offered some advice to the current crop of TikTok stars like Dixie and Charli D’Amelio that may want to branch out into the mainstream in the future.

Like how Vine dominated the internet for a period between 2013 and 2014, TikTok has become a new platform for stars to rise from through their quick clips of either singing, dancing, or taking part in viral challenges. 

While many of them have built followings of millions of fans, not many have jumped on to YouTube or other platforms where they can extend their reach beyond TikTok. It was a topic brought up by Logan Paul – who certainly knows a thing or two about branching out from something like TikTok and reinventing himself. 


Instagram: loganpaul
Logan Paul made his name on Vine before building a brand elsewhere.

“On a bigger note, I’m actually worried about TikTok stars not being able to reinvent themselves,” Logan said during episode 161 of the imPaulsive podcast, addressing how they need to reinvent themselves for success. 

“Seeing all these kids blow up now, and even like all the kids who blew up on Musical.ly and are still doing the same stuff to this day and, although I know it feels good now you’re making so much money, you got the clout, you got the notoriety –  if these kids don’t find a way to translate their talent in some other form and adapt to changing times because I give TikTok another year – two years maybe – they’re going to be in a world of hurt.”


In the video’s thumbnail, Logan has placed an image of TikTok superstars and sisters Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, perhaps aiming his advice to them.

As his co-host Mike Maljak pointed out, many of the TikTok stars are just lip-syncing someone else’s song or “making dumb faces” rather than creating their own unique content that sets them apart – as Vine stars did when it became a global phenomenon.

“It’s awesome, I’m so happy for them now but they gotta find a way to convert,” added Logan. When asked to give them some tips though, he said: “Any tips? Have the conversation with people who are smarter than you and have been in Hollywood for years and know how to build a brand, not just get clout.”


Some TikTok stars have already crossed over into the mainstream, with Charli D’Amelio appearing in a Super Bowl commercial and as a part of the recent NBA All-Star Weekend celebrations. 

Whether or not any others will be able to bridge the gap and follow Logan’s advice remains to be seen, but at least his comments are coming from experience.