Logan Paul gets shredded by fans after attacking best friend’s religion

Logan Paul mocks friend's religionIMPAULSIVE | YouTube

On an episode of the Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul told his best friend George that he needs a therapist because “Jesus isn’t doing it for you”, and fans of the content creator are furious.

Logan Paul made his stance on religion clear on episode 356 of Impaulsive, to the point where he openly mocked his best friend George’s beliefs on the show.

The intro to the episode starts with Paul saying that George needs a therapist because “Jesus isn’t doing it for you”, with a discussion that goes into what Paul views as a lack of “emotional intelligence”.

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This conversation led to Paul saying some things that infuriated his fans, prompting them to take to Twitter and speak out against Paul’s words on the show.

Logan Paul calls his best friend’s religious beliefs “f***ing silly”

The opening minutes of the show led to a conversation about religion—one that got more and more heated as the two discussed the topic.

When Paul claimed that he “always lands” in a place where he respects the beliefs of others even if he doesn’t agree with him, George pushed back.

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“You land on my face with your kicks sometimes with the mean words you say. I think you’re so giant with your words you really don’t know what you step on when you say things. I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way or trying to pull at you, I think you have so much going on in your life and you’re so power-driven that you’ll mow past your friends and family accidentally without knowing.”

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Paul replied by saying, “If I say something, I say it intentionally.” This led to the therapist conversation that’s circulating on Twitter.

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Paul called George’s belief in Christianity “f***ing silly”, and that it “deserves satire”. Meanwhile, George claims said that “Genuinely, I know people who hate me that treat me better about my faith than you, and you’re my best friend.”

Further into the debate, Paul claimed that conversion therapy is “something your church does” in response to George’s assertion that, “If you do not love thy neighbor – and that means gay or straight – then you are not a child of god. That is literally quoted in the bible.”

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George would wrap up the conversation by saying, “As much as this conversation is uncomfortable, I’m very proud of us. And I’ll tell you why: because nobody else would have the balls to have this kind of conversation out there”, and they moved on with the rest of the show.

The tweet circulating the edited clip said this is “Logan Paul showing his true colors”, and that his words on the show were “shameful”.

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Other fans have claimed that Logan Paul “lost my respect”, and that his behavior here was “disgusting”.

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