Logan Paul praises Andrew Tate for one weirdly specific reason

Logan Paul Andrew Tateandrew tateYouTube: IMPAULSIVE

Logan Paul had a rare moment recently, with the content creator revealing he’s “changed” his mind about Andrew Tate thanks to one of the Top G’s hidden skills.

The online feud between Andrew Tate and both Logan and Jake Paul is one that continues to grow and evolve. With both Paul brothers rumored and wanting to step inside the ring and fight Tate, the three often trades blows and words online.

However, in the most recent episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Logan Paul — joined alongside his co-hosts and friends George Janko and Mike Majlak — spoke about their opinions on Andrew Tate. 

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Discussing whether or not their thoughts on the controversial content creator have changed since his return to social media.

During the segment, Logan jokes about how his opinion on Tate has changed as a result thanks to the Top G’s dancing abilities.

“I’ve changed my mind about Andrew Tate and I’ll tell you why,” begins Paul before going on to jokingly reveal how much he respects Tate’s dance moves.

“This guy can f**king dance his ass off. Bro, he’s been f**king crushing it. He’s destroying it and he makes videos like this all the time in between the Top G stuff.”

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Logan then grabs his phone and shows off videos of dancing Andrew Tate videos, a trend that is all over TikTok as a way to make fun of Tate’s comments about masculinity and strength. 

“People underestimate how capable Andrew Tate is. My man can shake that ass and no one is even saying anything about it,” jokes Logan, before proceeding to laugh alongside George and Mike.

As well as discussing Tate, Paul and company also chat about religion, romance and more in the most recent addition of IMPAULSIVE.

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