Logan Paul and Mike Majlak explain why the NELK Boys can’t be canceled

Published: 13/Aug/2020 16:38

by Jacob Hale


Hosts of the Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul and Mike Majlak, have explained why the NELK Boys can’t be canceled after a number of people attempted to call attention to their “dangerous” decision to party despite health guidelines.

Due to the ongoing global health situation, many have been advised to stay indoors and not risk spreading anything. While a number of influencers have already come under fire or disobeying these guidelines and flouting the rules, NELK had somehow got away without being brought up.

That was until recently, when one publication ran a story about their ignorance of guidelines being “dangerous” for their young followers, and while some were quick to condemn or ‘cancel’ the YouTube pranksters, many believe it won’t impact them at all.

NELK Boys party
Instagram: nelkboys
The NELK Boys crazy lifestyle is what fans love to see — but now some have tried to cancel them for it.

As members of, and commentators on, influencer culture and the online lifestyle, Paul and Majlak are all too familiar with both the NELK Boys and cancel culture itself. That’s why they think NELK simply can’t be canceled.

In episode 207 of Impaulsive, they were discussing the accusations levied against the group, and Majlak said that even without sponsorships and YouTube ad revenue, it’s “disturbing how much money these kids make.”

In the meantime, Logan himself simply described the group — led by Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani — as “un-cancelable.”

He then explained two major issues with the article in question. The first is that the only people who care about it, “don’t care about the NELK Boys.” The second, he says, is that as they’re referred to as the “NELK Boys” — not a singular name — the efforts to cancel them are “diluted.” He said it’s “hard to try to cancel or completely wipe out an entire entity.”

NELK themselves had a similar sentiment, and clearly aren’t willing to bow down to pressure from outside influences, as proven in a series of tweets posted shortly after the accusation started to fly.

“We’ll never change or simmer down our comedy to please people, especially snowflakes,” they said. “And we don’t have to, because we don’t rely on brands like everyone else.”

Obviously, while the concept of ‘cancel culture’ has been prominent online for years now, it certainly begs the question: are certain people immune from being canceled?

And if so, could NELK be canceled, especially when they’re providing fans with the content they want to see?


HAchubby goes crazy celebrating huge Twitch donation

Published: 20/Jan/2021 16:20

by Alex Garton


After receiving a huge $2,500 donation, Twitch streamer HAchubby celebrated in a rather unexpected manner that made for an amazing Twitch highlight.

If you’re a fan of Twitch and you tune into the platform regularly then you’ll know that watching streamers receive huge donations is always entertaining. Audiences love watching them so much, there’s even a sub-genre of videos on YouTube that are dedicated to donating huge amounts of money to streamers to see their reactions.

It’s no surprise these videos get millions of views as it’s always great content to see a Twitch streamer having their day made by a big donation. Of course, it’s difficult to predict how someone will act after being donated a large amount of money.

In HAchubby’s case, it involved celebrating by running around her store with a basket on her head.

HAchubby stream
Twitch: HAchubby
HAchubby has over 250,000 followers on Twitch

HAchubby celebrates huge Twitch donation

During her January 19 stream, HAchubby received a huge $2,500 Twitch donation from one of her viewers. Of course, she was extremely grateful for the donation and expressed how thankful she was: “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god thank you so much.”

At first, it appeared as if she was going to carry on with the stream, but then she suddenly burst into a celebratory dance. Her Twitch chat erupted with messages and her viewers were clearly happy to see how thankful she was for the donation.

It was at that point she grabbed a basket from the store that she owns and began running about the aisle with it on her head. The highlight made for a hilarious Twitch clip and it was obvious how much the donation meant to her.

There’s no denying it’s not your typical reaction to a donation, but it’ll certainly be a memorable highlight for any of her viewers watching live. On top of this, you can guarantee it’ll be added to the range of streamer donation clips featured in various compilation videos.

We’ll have to keep our eye for any more big donations that HAchubby receives to see how she reacts the second time around.