Logan Paul and KSI go head-to-head again in boxing machine challenge

Daniel Cleary

Popular content creators Logan Paul and JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji faced off in yet another boxing challenge ahead of the AnEsonGib vs Jake Paul match on January 30.

The popular YouTube stars seemed to have a lot of bad blood between them ahead of their rematch, which saw KSI walk away with a split decision victory on November 9.

However, in the lead up to his brother’s professional debut against AnEsonGib, Logan Paul and his former rival, KSI have appeared to have moved on, even appearing next to each other on DAZN’s pre-fight show.

KSI narrowly beat Logan Paul with a close split decision during their rematch.

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Surprisingly the pair did not hold back from giving one another props on their fighting abilities and revealed what they had been up to following their close fight in November.

The British and American stars were quite cordial on stream and began to discuss their future plans for their boxing career, with KSI admitting he was quite open to the possibility of the Jake fight if he was to get the win.

They were then pitted against each other once again, although this time the stakes were much lower, as they attempted to set the highest score on a punching machine outside of the venue.

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Logan started off strong with a high score of 848 and KSI was unable to match him, falling just short with a total of 783.

Despite losing out on the challenge, the British YouTuber managed to get in a subtle jab against his former opponent reminding him that he got the victory where it counted most, “I’ll lose that, I don’t mind.”

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However, Logan leaned into the joke, expressing that he was happy to get a win over KSI regardless of the arena, “I was going to say, it feels good to win something against KSI.”

Although the two seem quite friendly as of now, it will be interesting to see if things change between the pair if the possible Jake Paul vs KSI fight is scheduled in 2020.