Logan Paul agrees to wrestling match with Bradley Martyn

Logan Paul and Bradley Martyn pose for the camera.Instagram: Logan Paul / Bradley Martyn

YouTube star Logan Paul may have finally found a taker for his open wrestling challenge — and his opponent is none other than one of social media’s most shredded bodybuilders, Bradley Martyn.

Logan Paul is an influencer-turned-professional boxer, having started (and perhaps ended) his short career with his infamous rivalry against British YouTuber KSI.

While it’s no secret that the high school wrestling wonder wants to take on the octagon (with Dana White notably shooting him down), it seems that Paul is also open to other methods, as evidenced by his open challenge to take on any other online entertainer in a wrestling match.

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Although it’s likely that this doesn’t mean the high-flying wrestling matches of WWE fame, but instead the proper Olympic sport, fans are here for whatever it turns out to be either way — and it seems that we’ve already got our possible fight card.

After entertaining potential fights from the likes of MMA stars Dillon Danis and Ben Askren, as well as fellow YouTuber Joel Morris, it seemed that Paul was taking his time to make a decision; that is, until Bradley Martyn entered the fray.

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Martyn is a noted bodybuilder, fitness coach and YouTube personality, boasting over 2.5 million subscribers due to his impressive physique and educational content.

He first interacted with Logan’s challenge by posting an eye emoji in response to his challenge — prompting Paul to declare him “A worthy opponent.”

Now, it seems that the two have come to an accord of sorts, with Martyn claiming, “I wanna wrestle Logan Paul… for fun.”

Replying with a simple, “Done,” it looks as if these two influencers are set to face off — although, considering the current global climate and little brother Jake’s own boxing match on the Mike Tyson undercard, official plans for the bout remain to be seen.

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No matter the case, it would certainly be a spectacle to see these two giants throw down. For now, all fans can do is watch and wait for more news as two of social media’s biggest fitness influencers negotiate their potential match.

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