Lizzo fans demand new song with flute after her insane TikTok solo

lizzo playing fluteTikTok: Lizzo

Lizzo fans want a flute to be used in one of her new songs after the singer shared an impressive TikTok of herself playing the instrument.

The ‘About Damn Time’ singer shared a video on the social media platform to her 24.6 million followers, playing the flute for 20 seconds, on July 14.

She said: “Why y’all keep renting these rinkally dinkally ass marching band flutes fa me” with an angry emoji.

The clip has racked up over two million views, and over 500,000 likes, since it was uploaded.

Fans react to Lizzo’s flute solo

While the music star was less than impressed with the instrument, fans were overjoyed with her musical talent.

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“As a former band kid: no crumbs were left ma’am” a user said. “I thought she was gonna [play] literally the worst thing I ever heard- but it was so amazing” another impressed user said.

Some even wanted her to play the flute in her new song.

“You should so include the flute in your next song. That would sound dope.” a fan wrote. Another replied “okay now put the beat behind and drop another anthem (respectfully).”

Lizzo’s flute history

Unbeknownst to some followers, the instrument actually features in many of Lizzo’s songs already. The singer is in fact a very talented and classically trained flautist and has played the instrument since a very early age. She even majored in flute performance while at university.

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In her latest Carpool Karaoke sketch with James Corden, the singer whipped out an impeccable 19th-century flute solo, surprising many viewers. Lizzo showed her expertise using the instrument when she pointed out that it had “closed holes”, calling it a “beginner’s flute”.

She has also covered multiple songs with the flute, including Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Big Shot’ and Harry Styles’ ‘Adore You’. Her most iconic flautist moment, however, was when she played Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ in a hilarious orchestra sketch on SNL, where she encouraged her orchestra to “pop their booty for Beethoven”.

We look forward to seeing more of flautist Lizzo in the future – as do her fanatic followers.

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