Lady Gaga stuns fans with ‘Wednesday’ dance trend TikTok video

Lady Gaga in a TikTok videoTikTok: ladygaga

Lady Gaga recreated the iconic ‘Wednesday’ dance that’s going viral on TikTok, and fans absolutely loved the star’s take on the trend.

Since its release in November of this year, the internet has been obsessed with Netflix series ‘Wednesday,’ inspired by the iconic character of the same name from The Addams Family.

The show has been a huge hit on TikTok, particularly Jenna Ortega’s dance scene, and it didn’t take long for the dance to spark a new trend on the app, with thousands of people putting on their best Wednesday outfits and recreating the routine.

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Although the dance is set to a different song in the show, on TikTok, people have been dancing to a version of Lady Gaga’s song ‘Bloody Mary.’

Now, Lady Gaga herself has stunned fans with her video participating in the trend. In the post captioned ‘BLOODY WEDNESDAY,’ the star puts on an outfit and does her makeup, before perfectly recreating the popular routine.

Fans absolutely loved her take on the trend, and quickly flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts.

“If I was Jenna Ortega I’d be losing it right now,” read one comment with over 40,000 likes.

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“Jenna Ortega needs to see this!!!” another wrote.

“That’s it, she won the trend,” said one commenter.

Some even said they wanted to see the star make an appearance in the next season of the show.

Her TikTok now has over 1.3 million likes and 5 million views, and it looks set to garner even more as the trend continues to blow up across the app. ‘Wednesday’ has completely dominated For You Pages across the world, and the various trends it has inspired on the app are still going strong even weeks after the show’s release.