Kyrie Irving says he won’t stream on Twitch because of how they “treat his friends”

Kyrie Irving says he won't stream on Twitch because of how theyTwitch: Kai Cenat; Kai11xirving

Kyrie Irving, a professional basketball player for Dallas Mavericks, spoke up about the reason why he won’t make any more content on Twitch.

Irving has been streaming on his Kai11xirving Twitch channel between February 2022 and March 2023, although he only streamed 1 total hour in 2023.

The basketball pro amassed an impressive 160,000 followers despite his infrequent appearances live and left many fans hungry for more of his content.

One of said fans reached out to him on Twitter and said “we need you back on Twitch brotha,” to which Irving replied “Not worth it by the way they’re treating certain friends of mine on there. Gotta build us our own Platform where ish like that can’t happen.”

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Fans speculate about why Irving doesn’t want to stream on Twitch

Naturally, this sparked a debate about which friends and what treatment Kyrie meant in his tweet, with different users arriving at different conclusions.

Kai Mafia Updates shared their opinion on the situation by Tweeting: “Kyrie Irving says this about returning to Twitch which is him possibly talking about Twitch banning Kai Cenat.”

Other users threw their two cents in the replies below the tweet, generally agreeing with Kai Mafia Updates.

“He’s definitely talking about Kai and Bruce,” reads one of the most liked replies to the tweet.

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This also attracted a lot of users promoting Kick who suggest both Irving and Kai Cenat could stream over on Trainwreck’s platform.

“Kick is the only way,” wrote a fan. Another user expressed a similar sentiment: “don’t get why Kai won’t take a leap of faith that will ensure him generational wealth by joining Kick.”

As of right now, it’s unclear if Kyrie Irving will stream on any platform again, but it’s clear that the tensions between Kick and Twitch keep on rising. Earlier this week Trainwreck attracted some attention when he said Kick signing Dr Disrespect, NICKMERCS & Kai Cenat would be “wild.”

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