KSI’s coach reveals bleak news for future of Jake Paul boxing match

KSI, Jake Paul - Instagram

YouTube stars KSI and Jake Paul have ignited yet another chapter of their infamous beef with a potential boxing match — but the British YouTuber’s coach may have put a halt to any fights in the near future.

After Logan Paul lost his 2019 rematch against KSI by a two-point deduction, little brother Jake swore revenge for the defeat, which he claims was only brought about by a “bad call.”

With KSI ultimately agreeing to a potential fight with the Team 10 founder, things heated up even more after Jake’s win against AnEsonGib on January 30, when the two came face-to-face in the boxing ring.

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However, things have been relatively quiet in regards to scheduling news of their possible bout, although both stars have predicted swift victories for themselves in spite of the radio silence.

This information drought was brought to a screeching halt in late February, after KSI’s boxing coach and fellow content creator Viddal Riley claimed that a fight with the youngest Paul brother is out of the question — for this year, at least.

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Jake Paul, Instagram
According to KSI’s boxing coach, his potential fight with rival Jake Paul may not take place in 2020.

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According to an interview with YouTube’s ‘Pro Boxing Fans,’ Riley claimed that KSI is far too busy with his music to successfully cordon off practice time for such a weighty grudge match, and claimed with confidence that any future boxing matches wouldn’t take place in 2020.

“Definitely not this year,” Riley answered when prompted about the match’s timetable. “JJ’s booked for too many tours already, too many festivals.”

“There is no time for training, and I told him don’t take anyone lightly. Don’t come off of your tour and think you’re just gonna get into camp and fight Jake. You lock off your music. You lock-off everything and then talk.”

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This news comes shortly after Paul claimed that his fight with KSI would take place during July in Saudi Arabia, which was quickly denied by KSI, who revealed that he is scheduled to perform at music festivals that month.

Thus far, things are looking grim for the future of YouTube’s biggest grudge match, leaving fans and critics alike wondering if the two social media celebrities will ever even face-off at all.

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