KSI stunned as his “cringe” YouTube impersonator completely fools fans

. 2 years ago
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Olajide “KSI” Olatunji is one of YouTube’s top personalities, known for his budding music career and current winning record as a professional boxer — but another YouTuber is using his fame for his own gain.

KSI has finally made his return to YouTube, following his split-decision boxing victory over rival Logan Paul and touring for his new song, “Down Like That.”

These exploits garnered the British content creator an ample amount of online buzz in 2019’s final months — so much so that a fellow YouTuber decided to impersonate him for a bizarre social experiment.

KSI, Instagram
YouTube star KSI took his highly-anticipated 2019 boxing rematch against Logan Paul.

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KSI came across YouTuber “Pure O Juice’s” prank during a Reddit reaction video on January 29, where Juice physically transformed himself into the YouTube star, bandanna and all.

While KSI laughingly admitted that there were more than a few physical differences between them, the “cringe” didn’t truly begin until Juice took his costume out into the wild, where he even set up an impromptu live performance of “Down Like That.”

That’s not all: Juice even imitated KSI’s unique laugh, and brought it out while he was speaking to fans on the street.

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“I’m actually cringing, man,” the boxer admitted after watching his impersonator ask bystanders for photos. “I’m cringing so much, bro. My toes have literally curled up inside my legs. Like, f**k me.”

While KSI wasn’t fooled at all by the YouTuber’s antics, quite a few bystanders seemed convinced it was really him, as evidenced by two young women who couldn’t wait to snap a picture with the undercover fake.

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Juice himself later explained that, while he roasted KSI multiple times throughout his 20-minute long video, he’s actually a fan of the YouTube star, and meant no disrespect with any of his lighthearted jabs.

Thus far, it seems that his practical joke has picked up in views — and while KSI may not have been a huge fan of the experiment, it seems that the YouTuber’s fame is prompting some hilarious commentary on his bombastic personality.

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