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KSI shows how he “fell out of the sky” in music video with Rick Ross

Published: 26/Nov/2019 21:27

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star KSI may be known for his infamous beef with rival Logan Paul, but there’s more to the Brit than his boxing career, thanks to his hustle in the music industry.

Before their boxing rematch on November 9, KSI dropped his latest track “Down Like That,” featuring such names as Rick Ross, S-X, and Lil Baby.

Rick Ross and S-X performed the song in the ring during KSI’s walkout at the rematch, providing the ultimate flex on Logan Paul – but that wasn’t the end of the song’s lifetime, by far.

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KSI later uploaded a music video for the track on November 22, which showed the YouTuber falling from the sky, as seen in the song’s cover art in a shocking special effect.


The eldest Olajidebt brother explained the visual during a special behind-the-scenes segment uploaded on November 26, which showed the “movie magic” behind the falling sequence.

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The YouTuber was strung up on wires in front of a blue screen and an oscillating fan, where the sequence was filmed and dropped down on a mat for his dramatic “crash” into the pavement.

While impressive, he admitted that the scene was a killer core workout, as he had to balance himself while upside down on the ropes throughout the sequence.

“We just finished filming the hanging scene,” KSI said in the video, laughing. “It f***ing sucked. Core exercise a few days after a fight. Probably not the best thing, but yo, you know what we do. Gotta make sure everything’s on point!”


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KSI’s “Down Like That” has already achieved massive success, garnering over 11 million views on YouTube and even gaining a potential spot in the Top 10 of the official UK music charts.

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This wouldn’t be the first time he’s tampered in special effects, either: in fact, the YouTuber was part of a similar getup in a video in September 2018, where he was lifted inside the sprawling staircase in his home.

With “Down Like That” performing well, there’s no telling where KSI’s music career will take him, boasting an already impressive list of songs, including tracks like “Beerus” and “Real Name.”