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KSI explains why he’d beat 50 Cent, Migos, & more in boxing match

Published: 6/Dec/2019 19:36

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star KSI defeated rival Logan Paul by split decision in their long-awaited boxing rematch, but the jury isn’t completely out on other celebrity boxing matches for the internet sensation.

Following their rematch, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn claimed that he’d received “five or six calls” from “probably the highest-profile people in their field,” citing actors, athletes, and musicians without naming names.

While fans may never know exactly who gave Hearn a ring regarding a potential fight, Hip Hop news outlet “HipHopDX” took this possibility and questioned KSI on which celebs he’d be down to dance with in the ring.


KSI, InstagramKSI reigned victorious over longtime rival Logan Paul at their November 9 boxing rematch.

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Of these celebrities were listed rappers like 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, and even the Migos – all of whom the YouTuber felt he could defeat in a legit boxing match.

“That would be a good matchup, I think!” KSI laughed of the 50 Cent query. “Stamina-wise, I’d just, yeah. I’d be all over him. …I love 50, man. He’s such a clown on Instagram.”

50 Cent, InstagramKSI felt fairly confident of his chances against rapper 50 Cent.

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KSI felt much the same about Wiz Khalifa, who was even present at his fight, stating, “I think he’s got quite a skinny frame. Again, if I just hit him, he’d just be like, ‘Yeah, I’m good.’”


In a bit of humor, the interviewer even asked if KSI could take on all three members of the Migos, at once – a challenge that he’s apparently down for.

“They’d come in swingin’, man!” he laughed. “But yeah, no, I’d be able to take them all, for sure.”

(Segment begins at 5:14 for mobile readers.)

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HipHopDX didn’t stick with rappers, alone: they also questioned KSI on his ability to take fellow YouTubers, such as Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and even viral philanthropist Mr Beast.

“I’d destroy him, man, yeah,” KSI said of a possible bout with Vitaly. “Nothing, easy. On roids or off roids, I’d destroy him, yeah. Even if he does substances, I’d still finish him.”


Vitaly Zdorovetsiy, YouTubeKSI made a not-so-subtle jab toward Vitaly’s alleged use of steroids.

In spite of his jab toward Vitaly, KSI was rather complimentary toward Mr Beast, claiming that he’d feel bad for fighting the charitable star because he’s “such a nice person.”

While there’s no telling who KSI may fight next in wake of his musical success, it doesn’t look like the YouTuber is turning down any potential offers from top personalities and celebrities, just yet.