KSI brutally roasts Austin McBroom after AnEsonGib defeat at Social Gloves boxing event

KSI next to Austin McBroomIG: AustinMcBroom / KSI

British rapper and boxer KSI has roasted the Ace Family’s Austin McBroom, after the American was brutally KO’d by AnEsonGib at the Social Gloves: No More Talk boxing event. 

YouTube boxing’s latest iteration took place on September 10, with AnEsonGib and Austin McBroom headlining the Social Gloves: No More Talk event. 

The event’s undercard saw five fights prior to the main event, with Austin’s brother Landon drawing with Adam Selah in one of the more eventful bouts. 

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Despite the acrimony that surrounded the main event though, it was a fairly one-sided fight, with Gib outclassing McBroom in almost every department. 

It resulted in a fourth-round KO, with a third knockdown seeing McBroom hit the mat hard and the referee promptly end the fight. 

It casts doubt on McBroom’s future in boxing, with the Ace Family creator previously speaking of the Gib bout as a precursor to a future fight with KSI

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That looks incredibly unlikely now, especially in the wake of KSI’s impressive dual victory over Swarmz and Luis Pineda.

Reacting to the Gib defeat, KSI roasted McBroom in a trademark manner. 

A first tweet simply saw the Brit laughing hysterically at McBroom, while a second mocked him for demanding a $3m dollar fight. 

“This man wanted to fight me for 3 million dollars,” KSI said. “More like 3 cents hahaha.” Attached to his comments was an image of McBroom sprawled on the canvas after being KO’d by Gib. 

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A third and final tweet joked that McBroom was at the level of rapper Swarmz, whom KSI dispatched with ease: “McBroom vs Swarmz. Sounds like a good match up to me.”

It remains to be seen who KSI announces as his next opponent, with many fans eager to see him and Jake Paul finally settle their differences in the ring. 

He did, though, state that he’d be open to a fight with AnEsonGib if his compatriot was down.

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McBroom, on the other hand, looks set for a spell away from boxing as a result of the humbling defeat.