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Korean IRL streamer mocked for being “joke on society” by stranger

Published: 3/Mar/2020 0:12

by Michael Gwilliam


Korean Twitch streamer Yugwha was visiting a gym in the United States when she was approached by a complete stranger who proceeded to mock her.

While performing an exercise, the streamer started getting asked a series of questions from one of the men working out at the gym regarding her stream, how many followers she had and even how much money she makes.

Even before she could answer a question about her followers, the man jumped into the profitability of streaming.

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“Fifty-two-thousand,” the streamer replied, answering the question about her followers.

“Is that how much you make a year?” the man snapped back.


“I don’t check my profit. I just stream,” Yugwha answered, although stressing it is her full-time job. “I don’t check my bank account.”

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The man, however, found the streamer’s success “ridiculous.”

“There are people out here working their butts off building houses for ten dollars an hour,” he explained. “You can’t even speak English properly and you’re doing the exercise all wrong and people are eating it up online.”

For her part, Yugwha just kept laughing throughout the rant, perhaps unsure if he was being mean to her or just joking around.


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“You’re like a joke on society,” he blasted, prompting the Korean to ask if that was good or not. “Kind of. I mean, it can be good, it can be bad.”

The gym trainer went on to call it “Adam Sandler good, but never Brad Pitt good” causing the confused streamer to just thank him.

Even after her chat was calling the gym-goer rude and even racist, Yugwha insisted the man was “kind” and that he tried to teach her. However, after reading that he was making fun of her, she decided to just move on to something else.


Being in a different country without having a firm grasp on the language can be difficult. Hopefully, the encounter doesn’t discourage the streamer from continuing to learn English.