Streamer banned over her clothing begs Twitch to be “more like Mixer”

Brent Koepp
Instagram: @shybearlive / Mixer / Twitch

Streaming personality ‘ShyBear’ called out Twitch on social media after she was abruptly banned for clothing she wore during a broadcast. After being previously banned in January for a drawing, she claims that it’s “getting out of hand.”

There are many things that can get a streamer banned on Twitch, from risque content to the clothing worn when going live. However, sometimes personalities are left confused when their account is suddenly taken down.

This happened to ShyBear when she claimed she received a suspension for clothing that doesn’t break the rules. Upset, she took to Twitter to hit out at the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

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The streamer informed her viewers of the ban on March 1 with a tweet. Included in the post was a screenshot from the broadcast that supposedly triggered the suspension from Twitch.

ShyBear called out the platform, claiming it was an “unfair” ban, and suggested that the site’s own staff were in broadcasts that had far worse material.

“PLEASE tell me how this is sexually suggestive and deserves a suspension?! there are people wearing WAY worse with twitch staff sitting in their channels. HOW?! This is getting out of hand,” her tweet read as she tagged the platform and its support accounts.

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The Twitch personality then took the streaming platform to task further by calling them out on their “lack of transparency” in how they enforce the rules and suggested they be more like their rival Mixer. She even tagged the Microsoft owned company’s account.

“It honestly makes me more annoyed that Twitch doesn’t respond to any emails or tweets regarding bans. Be transparent with your rules. Bule straight forward. Be more like Mixer,” she said.

One of her followers theorized she might have been banned because the chest area of her top was slightly see through. The streamer replied, “Yes but there’s people who wear bathing suits and body paint. I am covering more than a lot of people.”

The streamer hit out at Twitch for their inconsistent enforcement of their policies.

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This isn’t the first time ShyBear has believed she’s been unfairly banned. In early January, she was given a three-day ban for drawing a picture of a woman’s body.

According to the personality, her current suspension is less this time at only 24 hours. But despite that, the Twitch streamer is upset and calling on Amazon company to be more open with how they decide on their bans.