King Kenny claims FaZe Clan tried to buy Beta Squad in FaZe Temperrr face-off - Dexerto

King Kenny claims FaZe Clan tried to buy Beta Squad in FaZe Temperrr face-off

Published: 2/Mar/2022 17:01

by Jacob Hale


In their pre-fight face-to-face, Beta Squad’s King Kenny claimed that FaZe Clan tried to buy the massively popular UK YouTube collective — though Temperrr denied any knowledge of it.

The Showstar UK vs USA boxing event on March 5 is bringing together some of the top creators and influencers from either side of the Atlantic, with fighters going head-to-head not only for themselves but to represent their country.

The co-main event sees King Kenny face off against FaZe Clan founder and owner Thomas ‘Temperrr’ Oliveira and, on March 2, just days before the fight, they faced off for the first time ahead of the bout.


Among the usual line of questioning for a boxing event, with questions about their training camps, regime, and more, they also spoke a little about who they were in the space.

Beta squad with Deji
Instagram: betasquad
Beta Squad has become one of the most popular collectives in the UK YouTube scene — and could have ended up with FaZe Clan, apparently.

During the face-off, host Andy Shepherd asked Temperrr whether he knew who Beta Squad was before the fight, curious about his thoughts on the collective and whether he knew much about Kenny himself.

Things got awkward when Temperrr said that he was not aware of Beta Squad before agreeing to the fight — and Kenny simply laughed and insisted that couldn’t be true.

“Your whole team literally tried to sign us,” he told the FaZe Clan owner. “So what are you talking about? Your own team don’t rate you. The fact that you’re a CEO and they didn’t tell you.”


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Beta Squad is home to some of the most popular and fast-growing creators in the UK. Alongside Kenny, Beta Squad consists of Chunkz, Niko Omilana, Sharky, and Aj Shabeel, with millions of subscribers between them.

FaZe Clan is no doubt one of the biggest brands in gaming and the online entertainment world, and acquiring Beta Squad could have seen a huge shift in their UK fanbase if what Kenny says is true — though Temperrr denies any knowledge of it.