Journalist Gerard Romero rapidly unbanned on Twitch after streaming Barcelona game

David Purcell
gerard romero on twitch

Spanish football journalist Gerard Romero has been banned and unbanned within the same hour on Twitch.

Romero runs the popular channel JijantesFC and can regularly be seen sharing news about teams in La Liga on the platform, as well as sitting down with viewers for more casual broadcasts.

On August 24, the channel was hit was a ban, just hours after he tweeted: “We’re going to the Camp Nou! MATCH DAY!! big game! Solidarity and football!”

Later, he streamed live footage of a Barcelona friendly match against Manchester City, which he has since confirmed led to a ban on his personal channel.

Gerard Romero responds to Twitch ban

Quickly after the news broke on social media, the reporter was quick to inform fans of the reason.

In a translated tweet from Spanish to English, he said: “We are out yes. We have been banned for posting images of the match.”

No timeframe was posted in regards to when his channel will return, though the typical suspension for this sort of thing would be under a week.

Indeed, in a follow-up message, it was confirmed that his channel had been reinstated. The ban lasted for just one hour.

Fans should keep their eyes peeled on his social channels for more updates – as he’s likely going to be going live again soon.