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Joe Rogan criticizes “dumb” Logan Paul slapping contest

Published: 15/Mar/2020 11:16

by Andy Williams


YouTuber and popular podcast host Joe Rogan was dumbfounded by Logan Paul’s infamous slap when chatting with Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub.

From Vine, to YouTube, to professional boxing, Logan Paul is a man of many talents, including, it turns out, slapping.

Slap contests have been popularized in Russia. Essentially, two people will slap each other until one backs down. Indeed, heading to one these previously ‘underground’ contests was all part of Logan’s plan. That is, until he dealt one devastating blow.

Logan Paul slapping a man.
Logan Paul (YouTube)
Moments before Paul landed the slap which “changed his life.”

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It was this devastating blow that was the hot topic of conversation with Rogan and his fellow stand-up comedians during his March 14 episode of Fight Companion.


After mulling over Paul’s spar with UFC superstar, Paulo Costa, the gang moved onto the potential bout between Logan and Bellator Middleweight, Dillon Danis.

However, before diving into the specifics of how the pair would weigh-up, Rogan referenced Paul’s notorious slap. “Did you see Logan slap that guy unconscious?” the podcast host asked.

After pulling up the snippet of Logan’s video, Rogan proceeded: “Look at this. Look how preposterous this is… Boom!” the UFC commentator yelled.

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“Yeah, don’t do that at home kids… That’s a big [knockout],” Rogan stated, before going on to claim that the victim of Paul’s hard hit suffered some form of brain damage.


The slap in-question is from Paul’s June 8 (2019) video, which garnered over 16 million views. After taking the full force of Logan’s slap straight to the face, the man fell straight to the ground and appeared unconscious.

After coming around, the victim was dazed and appeared to suffer from some kind of short-term memory loss, as he questioned whether or not he’d been slapped.

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Logan has since resorted to posting a more reserved style of content, with his fast-paced vlogs picking up traction on YouTube.

While Rogan and co. were left amazed by Paul’s power, Danis has labeled the YouTuber “embarrassing” as he’s vowed to beat him in a boxing match.