JiDion confronts Mizzy over his pranks and asks about the future of his content

JiDion in his chair (left side), Mizzy sitting in front of a green screen (right side).YouTube: JiDionPremium

Content creator Mizzy, who rose to fame after a series of controversial pranks, has been confronted by JiDion via a video chat during a live stream.

TikTok prankster Mizzy has gotten in trouble with UK law after pranks that involved entering people’s homes, stealing dogs, and even hijacking a train.

Mizzy then went on a series of interviews, promoting his all-new Twitch channel trying to profit off his infamy. However, Mizzy seemingly is sorry for his hijinks, his latest post on Twitter is an apology regarding the pranks.

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And now during a video interview between JiDion, Mizzy, and Sneako, the prankster continues to apologize for his recent behavior and claim its all part of an internet persona he created to go viral on social media.

JiDion asks Mizzy about his plans for the future

In his interview, JiDion asked Mizzy what content he plans to upload to the internet in the future and the prankster replied that he wants to “flip the whole script” and start working on bettering his perception of the general public.

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Both Sneako and JiDion reassured Mizzy that being outgoing, extraverted, and doing crazy stuff as a content creator is not wrong, but that can be done without “committing crimes” as Sneako has put it. JiDion also commented: “The stuff you do can get you killed.”

“What’s gonna happen when one of your fans comes and says ‘I wanna be the next Mizzy so I imma beat the f**k outta you to get clout of that’, you know,” asked JiDion, clearly disapproving of the behavior Mizzy is inspiring online.

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Mizzy assured the streamers that he has a plan going forward with his internet career, and that he is not going to go back to doing harmful pranks.

Time will tell if Mizzy makes good on this promise, but so far he abstained from doing any more of the pranks that got him internet famous and said he is sorry in multiple interviews.

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