Jenna Marbles TikTok lookalike goes viral but not everyone’s convinced

. 4 months ago
Jenna Marbles TikTok lookalike goes viral but not everyone's convinced
YouTube: Jenna Marbles / TikTok: hotgirlonline_duh

A TikToker has garnered attention on the video-sharing app for having a striking resemblance to ex-YouTuber Jenna Marbles. Some viewers aren’t 100% convinced that she’s a true doppelganger, though.

After being what many considered a YouTube staple, popular creator Jenna Marbles left the platform back in June 2020 following the resurfacing of offensive content in old videos. “For now, I just can’t exist on this channel,” she said through tears. “I wanna make sure the things I put into the world are not hurting anyone.”

Since her rapid departure, she has remained radio silent for the most part, with many fans calling for her return. While if or when she is coming back is up in the air, one TikTok user is generating a buzz for looking eerily similar to the 35-year-old.

jenna marbles tiktok lookalike
TikTok: hotgirlonline_duh
The user is being touted as Jenna Marbles’ doppelganger.

TikTok’s Jenna Marbles lookalike

Hailey K, also known as ‘hotgirlonline_duh’ on the app, usually posts regular life videos but after being told she looked like Jenna Marbles, she uploaded a clip that’s gone viral with 70,000 views at the time of writing.

“[Point of view], you’ve just been told you’re the doppelganger to a famous internet comedian whose name rhymes with Lenna Barvels and you’re trying to figure out if you should ignore it because you want to be funny on your own or try to lean in on the hopes you might go viral…” she wrote.

The video then showed her typing “Italian greyhounds for sale” into Google, referencing Marbles’ dogs Kermit, Peaches, and Bunny.

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“Oh heck,  you look so much like her,” one comment read. “No [you’re] literally her twin,” said another.

Others used the section to express how much they miss Jenna Marbles. “I think you brought a little sliver of happiness to so many people with that video,” a fan wrote. “Even [though] it wasn’t Jenna, it was so amazing thinking it was.”

Not everybody was convinced, though, with some writing replies like “Like a Wish version maybe” and “I don’t see it at all.”

Jenna Marbles apology video
Jenna Marbles, YouTube
YouTube star Jenna Marbles has been absent from the platform for almost two years.

Though Jenna probably isn’t coming back to the platform any time soon, fans get rare snapshots into her life via her fiancee Julian Solomita who streams regularly on Twitch.

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