Jenna Marbles leaves Twitch channel with boyfriend Julien Solomita

. 2 years ago
Jenna Marbles Julien Solomita
Jenna Marbles: Instagram

Jenna Marbles’ departure from YouTube in June sent shockwaves through the internet. But the homecoming of this beloved YouTube star is looking unlikely, as her shared Twitch channel ‘jennajulien’ with partner Julien Solomita becomes simply ‘julien.’

Jenna’s decade long stint on YouTube has earned her a vast community of adoring fans, reaching a subscriber base of over 20 million. However, Jenna was one of the influencers thrown into the firing line earlier this year when old problematic videos resurfaced.

Following an emotional apology regarding depiction of racist stereotypes and blackface earlier in her career, Jenna departed the internet with no guarantee that she would ever return.

Jenna Marbles YouTube Vide
YouTube: Jenna Marbles
Jenna Marbles filming a YouTube video

While she’s remained silent on social media ever since, fans maintained hope that she would return at some point.

However, in a recent Twitch stream, Julien announced some “small changes” to the channel. This included removing Jenna from the channel name altogether.

He explains it as an attempt to not “mislead” anyone, and to “show respect” to his loyal viewers. Still, there was also the reassurance that “the community will not change.”

Shortly after, Julien took to his side twitter account ‘notjulen’ to thank fans for being part of their cherished memories. He described it as an“bittersweet” decision.

Julien finally rebrands

These changes came to fruition on the 6th, as Julien streamed for the first time under the new channel name. He expressed that he’s excited for “all the streams to come,” calling his fans “incredible” for their support.

Viewers speculate over “what Jenna is even doing now,” and voice fears that now the pressure lies solely on Julien, it may mean a permanent end to the duo’s mood-boosting content.

While there isn’t a definite answer on whether Jenna will return to social media, her removal from the Twitch channel certainly doesn’t bear good news for those who anticipate her return.

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