Jeffree Star loses over 100,000 YouTube subs amid apology backlash

Joe Craven
Jeffree Star sat on couch

YouTube beauty star Jeffree Star has lost over 100,000 subscribers in the aftermath of his clash with James Charles, amid ongoing backlash for his Black Lives Matter comments in his apology video.

The drama between Jeffree Star and James Charles is, in many ways, hard to follow. The pair have been at odds for upwards of a year over various feuds, seeing other popular YouTubers like Shane Dawson and Tati Westbrook drawn into the firing line as well.

Star, however, accepted his wrongdoings and published a lengthy apology video to James Charles on July 18. Despite the sentiment behind the video, the beauty mogul came under fire for his references to the Black Lives Matter movement, and YouTube subs have been deserting him in droves.

According to SocialBlade, Star has lost 600,000 subscribers over the past 30 days; a 500% increase on his normal subscriber loss figures. This has seen him fall from over 18 million subs to around 17.5 million at the time of writing.

On Sunday 19 July, the day after Star’s apology video, SocialBlade puts his one-day subscriber loss at over 100,000. This compounds another one-day loss of 100,000 subscribers on Wednesday 8 July for similar backlash.

Star also lost 100,000 subscribers on a single day back in mid-June, as allegations from a former model, Kameron Lester, took their toll against the YouTuber. As far as his YouTube following is concerned, this has been an incredibly bleak month for the American.

Jeffree Star YouTube stats from SocialBlade
Star’s YouTube stats, in full.

Not only is Star’s YouTube subscriber count suffering, but he was recently dropped by make-up company Morphe amid racism allegations.

While Star’s apology was accepted by many, it seems that there are hundreds of thousands of YouTube subs who have grown tired with the frequent controversies he finds himself in.

Whether his most recent video draws a line under it remains to be seen, but the 34-year-old has fans sticking by him, and deserting him. Only time will tell.