JayStation under fire for Ouija board challenge on 'dead' girlfriend

by Eli Becht
ImJayStation - YouTube


YouTuber JayStation claims his girlfriend Alexia died earlier in the month and his latest video is him 'communicating' with her with a Ouija board.

On January 22, JayStation uploaded an emotional video where he claimed his girlfriend was lost to a drunk driver.

However just the next day, a video was uploaded that featured her extensively, but the YouTuber says they had five videos ready for upload in the wake of her apparent death.

Almost immediately, many fans doubted his girlfriend was actually gone, with YouTuber OrdinaryGamers going as far as contacting local police departments to find out more information about her death, only to come back fruitless.


H3H3's Ethan Klein joined in on the criticism, calling JayStation a "scumbag" and saying he's only doing all of this just to get a higher subscriber count. Perhaps doubling down on the controversy, in a January 26 video, he claims he spoke to his deceased girlfriend with a Ouija board at 3 a.m.

He has been criticized for videos like this in the past, such as when he claims he was able to speak to rapper Mac Miller after he passed with this same method.

The 23:30 minute video is sitting at over 35,000 likes at the time of this writing, compared to 6,900 dislikes. That ratio might be surprising to viewers, considering the comments on the video itself appear to be overwhelmingly negative so far.



In the video, the YouTuber asks Alexia a series of questions where the answers are then spelled on the board, supposedly by her from the afterlife.

He concludes the questions once she says she misses him and when he gets up, he and his cameraman notice he has lipstick on his cheek, which would indicate his girlfriend gave him one last kiss goodbye.

(Timestamp 21:55)

JayStation and Alexia talking to camera with view of city behind them
YouTube: Dream Team
JayStation and his girlfriend Alexia.


Outside of YouTube likes and dislikes, the community has been very critical of his latest video.

If this is actually a hoax and his girlfriend is alive and well, there will almost certainly be a lot more backlash considering how much he has leaned into the whole situation.

For the time being, JayStation claims that his girlfriend is no longer with us, and that this was his final goodbye to her.