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Jake Paul Claims Team 10 Could Have Been Bigger than the Kardashians

Published: 24/Aug/2018 18:59 Updated: 24/Aug/2018 19:15

by Vincent Genova


YouTuber Jake Paul had high hopes for Team 10, claiming the group could have been bigger than the Kardashians.

In an interview with True Geordie, Paul discussed where it all went wrong.

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True Geordie asked Paul about how his year has gone, specifically how he felt about Team 10 members leaving.

Paul did not hold back, saying he was shocked about how some of the former members handled the exit.

It’s the weirdest feeling in the world. Literally, kids who I have been best friends with since 7th grade, wake up and are like, ‘oh there’s a moving truck here, peace out.’ And they are not even adult enough to have a conversation with me about it.

Team 10 is the Jake Paul headed YouTube collaboration channel that is meant to grow the social presence of smaller influencers. It has had a cast with a high turnover rate as members left in apparent frustration with the Paul family’s style of management.


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In response to Jake being surprised about members leaving without notice, Geordie asked him if he felt he was being used.

Yeah, 100%. To this day, I haven’t made a single dollar off of Team 10. I’ve only invested my own money into it to make it successful.

With Paul sounding down on the whole experience, True Geordie asked if he regretted doing Team 10.

I don’t. If you think about it, if Team 10 were together right now, we’d be bigger than the Kardashians.

He also had stinging words for the members who left his team.

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Since Team 10 still exists with new members, Paul did not mince words when commenting on the prospects of those who quit.

As we’ve seen members leave Team 10, we’ve seen them all turn into nothing and make mistakes and fumble. I think they are like, ‘oh s***, maybe what I had was amazing.’ I don’t know, that is just how I see it.

For the complete interview, which covers a number of topics including Paul’s upcoming fight with Deji, you can watch the video below.